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Stille imagiQ2 operasjonsbord

Stille imagiQ2 operasjonsbord

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A state-of-the-art solution for the mobile Hybrid OR

The Stille imagiQ2TM is the ideal table for the advanced mobile hybrid solutions because of its technical precision, performance and flexibility without involving colossal investments for the OR.

True Free Float®

STILLE is proud to be pioneer in developing the True Free Float® technology (patent pending). The imagiQ2 offers an even improved True Free Float, empowering the surgeon to pan the table top with total precision & freedom of movement in any desired direction. No linear movements or speed limitations like working with a motorized table. The True Free Float® technology allows the surgeon to use the table as an extension of his own hand, focusing on the procedure instead of the device.

Low-dose enabler

The high-performance carbon fiber table top with 0.4 mm Aluminum equivalence improves safety by enabling the C-arm to use less power, without compromising image quality. This is the highest translucency published for any surgical imaging table (average translucency is 1 mm). This allows for better images without unnecessary radiation.

A comparative study performed to verify the new imagiQ2 low-dose table top has shown that the new device produces 20% lower radiation exposure than the previous model, imagiQ. The analysis was conducted at the Shoreline Surgical Associates Clinic, Middletown, USA, a clinic managed by vascular surgeon Joseph Coatti.

Superb C-arm complement

– The STILLE imagiQ2 enables the C-arm to generate outstanding images while reducing radiation dose. These power savings on the C-arm  reduce overheating.
– The super slim design and retractable wheels enhance C-arm access, allowing the image receptor to be placed much closer to the patient in order to achieve images according to the A.L.A.R.A principle (As Low As Reasonably Achievable).
– Move the table top instead of the C-arm by using the True Free Float® technology, thus improving procedure time and efficiency in the OR.


Retractable wheels for total stability and  incredibly easy mobility out of the HOR. Customizable modular platform to meet specific customer needs. Configurable higher patient weight capacity (up to 661 lb /300Kg) . The table works with AC power and a high-endurance battery time (customizable pack up to 1 week)

Enhanced translucent length

Total translucent length: 6’5”/ 196 cm with headrest (5’5”/169,2cm without headrest)
360° unobstructed translucent length: 3’6” / 107,2 cm with headrest (2’7”/ 804 mm without headrest)